• 5ml
  • Honey fights off bacterium that causes acne, thanks to its natural antibiotics.
  • Honey heals the wound caused by acne effectively due to its antiseptic properties that its gets from its hydrogen peroxide. Yes, hydrogen peroxide is naturally produced in honey bee by the enzyme glucose oxidase.
  • Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, honey is a good remedy to get rid acne related discomforts. It effectively reduces acne swelling, pain and redness
  • As your skin beaks due to acne, the natural antioxidants present in honey prevents the damage that caused by the free radicals present in the environmental. These environmental factors too are sometimes responsible for acne eruptions.
  • When you consume honey literally, it reduces your skin sensitivity apart from boosting your immunity. So not only you cure acne but also prevent future acne breakouts.
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